Joan of Arc

Category: Experimental Rescores

For my rescore project, I focused on a poignant scene from a film depicting Joan of Arc facing her tribunal, a moment filled with hope despite the hostility she encounters. My composition aimed to capture the essence of this scene, blending traditional and modern elements to reflect the intense emotional landscape.

The centerpiece of my score is a choir that exudes a monastic ambiance, yet with a modern twist in the harmonies, evoking a sense of timelessness and spirituality. This choral arrangement is designed to mirror the historical and religious context of Joan of Arc's trial, with a nod to Gregorian chants, yet reinterpreted to resonate with contemporary audiences. The choir not only adds depth to the scene but also subtly hints at the theme of blasphemy, a key element in Joan's story.

Complementing the choir, I employed synths and drones to create an atmospheric, ethereal sound. This choice of instrumentation provides a stark contrast to the more grounded and solemn choral elements, representing Joan's unwavering hope and celestial aspirations. The lyrical quality of the music, especially in its use of the Lydian mode, contributes to an uplifting, almost heavenly atmosphere, countering the grim reality of her trial.

The composition gradually builds tension, mirroring Joan's increasing resolve and the mounting pressure of the tribunal. The use of subtle, evolving textures and harmonies captures the complex interplay of faith, defiance, and hope in the face of overwhelming adversity. Through this blend of ancient and modern sounds, my score provides a unique auditory perspective on this historic and deeply emotional moment.