Rudolph in the Crimson Abyss

Category: Playful Experiments

"Rudolph in the Crimson Abyss" is my unique reinterpretation of a classic holiday tune, born from a moment when I definitely needed a vacation just before Christmas. In this piece, I've transformed Johnny Marks' familiar melody into a haunting and introspective journey, using the enigmatic sounds of the Locrian 13 HMII scale. Masterfully employing Ableton, I've delved into darker, more introspective territories, creating a stark contrast to the lighthearted original. This reimagined version humorously acknowledges its departure from traditional holiday cheer, reflecting my own wry recognition of the need for a break during the festive season. It's a musical exploration that invites listeners into a shadowy, yet intriguing, sonic landscape, where the usual xmas joy is tinged with a hint of irony.

Artwork by Midjourney.